Dental Hygienist

Western Dental Services, Inc.
, California's largest dental services provider and one of the nation's largest dental HMO's, is looking for a bright, motivated, Dental Hygienist.
In addition to technical duties, the Dental Hygienist will play an important role in teaching patients appropriate oral hygiene techniques and offer counseling regarding good nutrition and its impact on oral health .
Western Dental's team consists of over 450 professionals and staff at Western's corporate headquarters in Orange, California and more than 220 dental clinic locations.
Key Responsibilities:
Teach patients appropriate oral hygiene strategies to maintain oral health; Develop dental hygiene treatment plans Patient screening procedures; assessment of oral health conditions Provide oral prophylaxis, preventive dentistry procedures, and non-surgical periodontal therapy Performing documentation and office management activities.
Assist the dentist at the chair while they are engaged in any treatment of patients Ensure all OSHA, Dental Board, and WDS policies and procedures are properly followed Requirements:
Minimum two years Associate degree and successful completion of hygienist licensure examinations (national and state or regional).
University-based dental hygiene programs; baccalaureate and master's degrees preferred.
Minimum one year work experience OR have graduated from an ADA approved dental hygiene program within the preceding 12 months Bilingual - Spanish/ English preferred State Certification Must have a current X-Ray License & CPR certification

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