Data Collector

Company Name:
Part Time Court Data Research Contractor(s) For Riverside County CA Courthouse
We are a national marketing company that collects and sells tax lien, probate, divorce, foreclosure, notice of default, bankruptcy, and other publicly accessible information. We are seeking multiple contractors to provide us with this data in their local area by gathering it from the County Courthouse in the counties listed above and delivering the results to us on a regular monthly schedule. No previous experience required (experience in courthouse data collection is good) and we will explain specifically what data is required, general guidelines on how to gather it and how the data needs to be delivered to us. This data is very time sensitive and requires meticulous attention to detail and accurate data input.
We estimate that it may take a few hours to collect the monthly data depending on volume. If the court allows, you may be able to get the information by a report that you simply print and send to us. In other cases, you may be allowed to photograph the data with your cellphone and upload the data to us via a provided Internet link. In others, you may be required to manually enter the data into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet on your laptop. In still others, you may have to hand write a report and transcribe it into Excel or our online form later. We can discuss the particulars if you are selected as our local contractor.
You will be compensated, based on the estimated time required to complete the necessary work. Often, we are able to establish a flat rate fee for the data, based on the difficulty of the task and the size of the available data from each county. This is a contracted position.
Specific Requirements of each Contractor:
Must be dependable and punctual.
Must have your own transportation to and from the courthouse
Must own a laptop computer with Microsoft Excel
Must have Internet access
Must be accessible by phone and email
Please go to http://form.jotform.us/form/50564123046144 to complete the online contractor information sheet. Once that's been completed, we will review and be in touch with you concerning our data needs. Thank you.

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